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Mother Earth - Gentle Facial Cleansing Soap

Hand crafted bar soap using high quality ingredients made in a cold process. By processing cold retains the natural ingredients nutirents, which would otherwise be lost by processing with heat! 

This leaves the soap with a higher hydration, luxurious lathering quality, brighter color, and a more powerful scent! 

- Each bar contains natural good grade ingredients.

- Made without any harsh chemicals or preservatives.

- Luxuous soap having an almost sensory experience.


Our Mother Earth soap is definitely a best seller! You'll notice at the bottom of the bar there is a little bit of grit for exfoliation! The "grit" is actually made from the remainder of our Skin Fx Elixir Herb mixture. We steep herbs that have natural benefits to our skin! Imagine like tea, but for your skin! And we don't let the remainder of the herbs go to waste after they've been steeped! By adding them to the soap you'll enjoy a gentle scrub with similar benefits from our Skin Fx Elixir cream! 

  • $15.00