How do Bath + Body Fusion products differ from other brands? 

Ingredients. Bath + Body Fusion handcrafts the freshest bath and body products using only the finest oils, fruits, vegetables and herbs on the planet. In fact we encourage skincare consumers to compare our ingredients with the ingredients listed on on compettive brands. 


Are your products made in the USA?

Absolutely! All of our skincare products are made here. 


How do I get back to the Bath + Body Fusion Home Page on my mobile device?

Click the Bath + Body Fusion logo at the top of any page.


What is the shelf life of your products?

Because our products are made with a blend of high quality natural ingredients, our products do have a shelf life of 12 months on average.


How do I use the soap with sea sponge?

Get the product wet and lather sponge side down. Sponges are natually porous. The sponge alllows the soap to come through to form a lather.


How will I know if my Dream Cream is no longer fresh? 

Natural butters will start to smell rancid after time. 


Will Dream Cream work on my eyelids, elbows, face and scalp?

It sure will! Our skin craves moisture and that includes the skin on our eyelids, elbows, face and scalp. We like to tell people Dream Cream moisturizes from head-to-toe. Dream Cream is packed with a blend of nutrient-rich, natural ingredients to give your skin the moisture it needs to look and feel it's best. 


Where can I buy your products in my area?

You can our products in-store at 324 E. State St., Rockford, IL or worldwide through our website!  


How soon can I expect my order?

Orders generally ship out same day during the business week. Orders arrive 3 to 4 days from the day you order on average. 


What’s your refund policy?

Bath + Body Fusion does not accept returns, exchanges or issue store credit for any open or unopened skincare product.


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