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Bath + Body Fusion T-Shirt - Shine Light + Love

With EVERY Bath + Body Fusion T-shirt purchase, you're supporting 2 Small Local Businesses in the Rockford area.  Rockford Art Deli + Bath & Body Fusion

The softest t-shirt ever!  You'll love them!

Recycled polyester: each tee saves 6 water bottles from the landfill & repurposes it into your shirt

Organic cotton: grown in TX & processed in South Carolina
Modal: a better version of rayon that is actually softer & more durable. this bio-based textile is created from the fibers of the beech tree.

Once the fabric is created it's shipped to Haiti to a living wage facility where employees are able to make 5X their living wages. This gives them the ability to keep their children & also provide healthcare to their families.

So basically what we're saying is: we literally know where each piece of the shirt has been & who has touched it. How often can you say that about your garments?

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