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Jazz's (daughter) Story

I remember all the questions & the remarks regarding Amary's little face... what a tough time that was for us. I never knew eczema could be so painful, my poor baby really went through a lot. It was a difficult time, because as parents, we felt so helpless & frustrated. There were days she would scratch so hard that her sheets & clothes had blood all over them. This one was definitely THE WORST one - February 2nd, Superbowl Sunday. I remembered that [a friend] had shared a post about a cream & I knew I had to try it. I'm so glad we did. The dream cream by @bathandbodyfusion has been an absolute miracle to us. I couldn't believe just how MUCH this all natural cream healed our baby girl. Just a tiny amount on her cheeks before her naps & bedtime was what transformed her little face. We still use it on her & quite honestly, we use it too - It works for SO MANY things! How awesome is it that it is made right here in Rockford IL?? ❤

~ Jazz


Customer image

Maria's (son) Story–

My son suffered from severe eczema. After numerous doctors appointments and spending hundreds of dollars on products, my sister in law told us about Dream Cream. We changed to a hypoallergenic formula and applied Dream Cream at every diaper change and the skin on his legs finally started to heal! The skin on his face was more of a challenge. We had to use a steroid to close the skin but we then used Dream Cream and aloe to heal the skin. My hands are even soft and smooth from applying it so much to my son. THANK YOU Jen and staff for your hard work and making natural products! Dream Cream was truly heaven sent!

~ Maria



Dee's Story–

Dee was burned while lighting a bonfire.  She was using a little gasoline on some paper to get the fire started. The first paper didn't work, so she tried again.  This time there was a flash of fire that ignited not only the paper in left hand, but her hoodie.  She tried to take the hoodie off, and in the process severely burned her face and hair. 

"I ended up with 1st & 2nd degree burns on face and right hand, and 2nd to 3rd degree burns on my left hand. I have been using Dream Cream on my burns since the 28th of May. My initial feeling after putting the Dream Cream on my burns, was relief. It helped with the itching which drove me crazy!! Since then I saw some drastic changes within the first few days of using it. By June 12th my burns had already turned to scabs. The skin underneath the scabs was healed to the point the scabs were coming off on of my skin on their own.  By June 16th I had minimal scabbing, just here and there in tiny spots. By June 27th I had no visible scabs. Looking at where I was burned, I couldn’t ask for better results. 3rd degree burns are no joke, and using Dream Cream made a significant difference in my healing. I consider myself lucky to have been recommended this product by my doctor," Dee writes.





Matt's Story–

After being burned in a grease fire in the kitchen, Matt was left with painful burns on his arms.  The burn unit recommended some over-the-counter creams, but he had bad reactions to those. Luckily, a Dream Cream user recommended he give Dream Cream a try.  After a few short days, Matt's inflammation went down significantly.  But, he noticed that his skin was very purple, so he consulted his Burn Trauma Specialist.  The news was great!  The purple meant increased blood flow!

"I can’t say enough good things about this stuff," Matt tells us. "It worked amazing and is helping my skin in my recovery process. It doesn’t irritate my skin...and it keeps it hydrated. I would recommend Dream Cream to anyone, but especially if you have any type of burns. You can actually spell, pronounce and know exactly what ingredients are in Dream Cream unlike the lotion I was using. I hope my review helps others as much as it’s helped me."



Jennifer's Story–

Jennifer wasn't sure if the Dream Cream would help her old burns, but check out these AMAZING RESULTS after ONLY 7 DAYS!!!

"I have used the Dream Cream for 7 consecutive days and it’s working miracles on "my burn scars. It is evening out the skin tone fading the redness more and more with each use. The itchiness is lessening as well," Jennifer tells us.



Joe's Story–

"I am a burn survivor, 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 50% of my body resulting in both of my legs being amputated. Also, another 25% of my body is scarred up from taking donor skin from my stomach, sides, and back to put on my lower half that was burned. I've tried many creams/lotions and nothing has worked better than this Dream Cream. There are places on my skin grafts that get so dry they crack and bleed, but since using this product I no longer experience that. It has helped the callous areas on my legs to become softer and has stopped them from cracking/bleeding as well. I have so many scars and areas I use it so this 4 oz. tub lasts me about 5-6 weeks. But, I can only imagine most people wouldn't have to use as much as I do, so it would last longer for most people. It's a great...product that really helps, especially with skin grafts/scars. If you are a burn survivor, I strongly recommend at least trying this," said Joe in his Dream Cream review.


Andrea's young daughter's story–

Andrea's 10-year-old daughter suffers from a severe case of eczema that flairs up at least twice a year. She treated the flair-ups with a prescription steroid cream, but was always looking for other alternatives. One morning, she heard a local disc jockey talking about Dream Cream and how he had heard that friend's were using it to help with psoriasis and eczema.  Andrea was skeptical, but decided to look into the cream a little further.

"I was looking for proof, solid evidence of before-and-after photos of people using this 'magical cream'," remembers Andrea.  "After all, I'd spent thousands of dollars on eczema lotions and different types of creams and in the end they all ended up doing absolutely nothing for my daughter's eczema... After following the facebook page for about a year, I finally decided to check out the store. I mainly went interested in getting some shower steamers and a face scrub, but decided to pick up some Dream Cream and give it a try. Not even 2 days after buying the Dream Cream, my daughter started getting one of her severe outbreaks that always requires a steroid to clear it up. Immediately, we started using the Dream Cream. By day two, when she is normally full of blisters with red swollen hands, she was only slightly starting to see blisters and it was mainly confined to one hand and the finger area. By day three, (when normally she'd be incapable of using her hands and wearing gloves to help alleviate some of the pain) she was still able to use her hands and not complaining nearly as much. And, we didn't need a trip to the doctor yet for a steroid!! I wish I wouldn't have waited an entire year to check this miracle cream out.  I'm here to not only say it's worth it, but to prove it through my own personal experience!" 


A story from a radiation burn (from Cancer treatments)

After going through Chemo & Radiation, this woman was experiencing several issues with her skin during treatments.  She sent us these before and after photos of her hand. Radiation treatment for cancer can sometimes cause what's commonly called "radiation dermatitis", which can cause redness of the skin and blistering.  She found that using Dream Cream significantly helped her skin recover.  The above photos were sent to us through our company Facebook page.




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