Our Story


WE BELIEVE in handcrafting luxurious skincare products using only the finest ingredients on the market.   Our bath and body treats are bursting with many natural ingredients to help restore and enhance your natural beauty.  We feel everyone should be able to indulge in a Spa-like treatment in the comfort of their own home for affordable prices.  We are committed to building customer loyalty through our captivating experiences, fine scents, stylish and chic' packaging in a very fun, upbeat and family friendly culture.  We believe your skin craves natural products that supply it with the vitamins,  nutrients, and energy it desires.  Bath & Body Fusion is full committed to becoming your skin's BFF!


What a journey it has been, and it's only just the beginning...

Bath & Body Fusion was founded in 2011.  It started out as a hobby in my Grandma's kitchen.  I was battling SEVERE depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after my only two siblings were involved in two, separate horrific automobile accidents.  Both of them sustained Traumatic Brain Injuries.  Needless to say, life changed for my entire family, especially my Mom and I.  Being a single mother to my son Austin and working in Corporate America, I knew I needed a career change.  I was missing out on so much of my son's life working long hours, and I was extremely depressed.  I often considered taking my own life but chose not to because of my son.  At that time I knew I needed to find a hobby, something that would get my mind off all of the bad things my family had endured.  Having always been really creative, I knew I needed to do something using my God given talent.  I always loved treating myself to bath and body products, however being a single Mother, my son always came first.  I just couldn't afford to pay $30-$40 for a good body scrub.  So I started researching natural products online and that turned into me developing a whole line of all natural bath and body treats.  I started out selling my products at our local farmers market in Downtown Rockford, IL ~ Rockford City Market in 2011.  Many of my customers there became like friends and family to me, and I soon developed a loyal following.  Many would come back to see me every week, often bringing friends and family with them.  As word spread, customers began begging me to open a store so they could buy my products year round.  Once the Bath & Body Fusion following grew to over 3,000 customers, I felt it was time to open my very own store.  It has been the best decision I ever made!  Today, I hand make over 50 different bath and body treats.  My store is very upbeat, bright and cheerful.   I am developing a plan to work with our local schools and agencies to employ individuals with special needs. Everyone deserves to feel like they are valued, and providing a positive working environment for all types of employees will have an impact, not only on our store and customers, but on our community as well. I found being around bright colors and my amazing customers really cheered me up and made me feel loved.  I am now the happiest I have ever been, very bubbly and outgoing.  I love life and have a passion for lifting people up and inspiring them to live their life to the fullest.  Life is too short to be anything but happy.  Your life changes when you see your sister’s life almost taken at the age of 8 years old and your brother at 19.  My advice to you is to follow your dreams and live every day like it's your last!

Jenny Ralston