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Dream Cream is a fusion of various bioactive oils, butters, and essential oils to form a harmonious alliance with your skins natural components. Rich in ingredients that provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,and antimicrobial actions, it is a powerhouse for skin rejuvination and healing. Let Dream Cream be your skin warrior and provide all the ingredients that allow you to build up a stronger, healthier skin barrier that works to both protect and reveal the natural lustre of your skin 

Key Ingredients  

Dream Cream is a thick, buttery emulsion formulated to melt right into your skin when combined with gentle massage that increases local circulation.

How To Use

The texture of Dream Cream is thick like butter. This is partly due to the ingredients we use and the rest is due to the fact that we do not use extra fillers, water, or preservatives in our formulations. What this means for you is that a little bit goes a long way! We recommend using a pea-sized amount to cover both hands. This may vary depending on the person and area of use so we recommend starting small and building to the amount you desire.

Deep Hydration

Best for dryness, burns, scaling, itching, and cracked heels

Cleanse the area for application. Take the desired amount of Dream Cream between your fingers and rub it between your fingers to soften the cream for use. Apply to the affected area and massage for a few minutes to increase circulation to the area. Repeat this 3-4 times a day.

Regular Use

Best for every day moisturization from head to toe

Cleanse your skin and apply your favorite toner if applying onto your face. Take the desired amount of Dream Cream and rub between your fingertips to a spreadable consistency. Apply to the area and gently massage to increase circulation.

Light Application

Best for oily skin

Wet the area to be moisturized or your fingertips. Take the desired amount of Dream Cream and rub between your fingers to a spreadable consistency. Gently massage into the skin.


Bath and Body Fusion was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Ralston with the goal of creating all natural skincare that is both effective and environmentally friendly. Jennifer started formulating over 20 years ago, making each product with love and deliberation for friends and family. Here at Bath and Body Fusion, we treat everyone walking through the door like family. At Bath and Body Fusion, we do not just sell creams to heal your body, we shine light, love, and hope to everyone that walks through our doors. 

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